Fantastic Four Episode 3

Elca awoke when she felt someone was shaking her shoulders.For a minute,she forgot everything.She forgot why she has been sleeping in that kind of armchair.”Where am I?”she murmured.”Well,Elca you are inside the Fantastic Four Official Institute,in the second corridor of the ground floor.”said a woman.Elca gasped.Suddenly she remembered all the crazy stuffs that has happened to her.She remembered about the test.”Aha,yes,yes.I just remembered,sorry.So,can I go home now?”Elca apologized.The woman frowned and said sharply,”No.You will do the next tests.You passed the first test.”Elca stared at her with a total astonishment.”What?Me?Passed the test?”she gasped.The woman didn’t answer,but pointed a piece of white carton that hang on the corridor’s wall.Elca rushed to the announcement.She read it then shook her head with disbelief.Her name was printed on the white carton with capital letters and black ink.Just under her name there were four other names.The woman walked towards her.”Come on,follow me,Elca.”she said.Elca followed her.”Wait,what’s your name?”Elca asked while they were walking through the aisle.Elca could see a sneer on her oval face.”Shallda.Shallda Hepburn.”she answered.They walked pass several rooms and corridors then finally they stopped in front of a big brown door.The door had rotten wood and rusty knob and hinges.There were wooden benches in front of the door.A man with red uniform-the same uniform as the woman’s,sit on the nook.A girl with golden hair and a boy with suspender were sitting anxiously beside the man.”Where is the other girl?”asked Shallda to her comrade.The man nodded,his eyes were deep blue and he wore gold-framed glasses.”The other girl has passed the test and the other boy still doing it inside the hall.”he answered with a sham vivacity in his tone.”Should I do the test too?”Elca asked.”Of course.”The man said bitterly without looking at her.”Why?”Elca didn’t give up that easy.”Because it is the procedure,dear.It’s inexorable.”Shallda sizzled.Elca exhaled.She sat down on the bench without saying anything again.”You are so pretty.”suddenly the boy with suspender said.”Who?”Elca baffled.”You.”he said with a wince.”Is that an innuendoes?”she replied trenchantly.”No,it’s not.I’m serious,you are pretty.”she replied.For the first time Elca turned her face and see the guy better.He had dark grey eyes which were full of mysteries,his chin was hard and sharp.Elca winced.Oh,God.Her heart beated really hard.”You are the first person who told me that.”Elca finally could find her breath and replied.she tried to smile wanly.He smiled.’A really charming smile’ Elca thought.”Elca Clasiddra.”Shallda said.”What?”Elca turned,baffled.”Your turn.”Is the time pass that fast?Elca stood up.Shallda herded her to the big door.”Try to cross the room and get out from the door across.”Shallda said.The door opened with a screech,Elca step into the hall then the door shut automatically.She saw so many rectangles were drawn on the floor.Candelabras with yellow candles were stood in the middle of the room.Above them,there was a paper with a prohibition.”Don’t step on the squares!”
Elca was really confused since it was imposible to cross the room without step on the squares.The squares filled almost all the surfaces of the floor.Elca saw another brown big door across the room.She should get out from the room by that door.Elca stared at the floor,at the rectangles,then she considered a thing.A light bulb occured in her head.She laughed vigorously,laughed at her own stupidness.”They are rectangles,not squares.The aren’t any squares here.”she said to herself the made her way across the room.The big door open automatically ,she step out and found out that another girl with brown hair and blue jeans coat and also a boy with dark blue tousled hair have been waitting for her.From an aisle,suddenly came a man with black suit.”Congratulations,you passed the test.”said he.The two others looked at Elca with disbelief,they seemed really obnoxios and puzzled.Elca folded her hands,she was thinking about the boy with dark gray eyes.’What’s his name?’
To be continue…



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