Hi there!I watched this amazing movie with my friend last week.For your information,I’m a Hunger Games fandom.I think thg and divergent have a similar genre.I still thought that THG is better,but this movie is quite amazing to watch though.The story tells about a city in the future that divides their citizens into fractions according to each teenager personality and decision.There are five fractions;amity–>the kind,dauntless–>the brave,abnegation–>the selfless(the government),erudite–>the smarties,and candor–>the honest.Tris Prior who used to be in Abnegation,make a surprising decision.She chooses Dauntless and tries to become a part of that fraction.She trained hard by ‘the Dauntless’,she should pass the tests or she will be non fraction.Actually Tris(Shaillene Woodley) is a divergent.She doesn’t belong to any fractions.She doesn’t tell anyone about it cause the erudite try to kill the divergent.The erudite think that divergent people are dangerous for the systematic government,they also want to slaughter the Abnegation because they think they have more ability to manage the citizens.
Can Tris be a real dauntless?
Can she stop the cruelty of the erudite?

Find the answers by watch this superior movie!I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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