Hi there!I watched this amazing movie with my friend last week.For your information,I’m a Hunger Games fandom.I think thg and divergent have a similar genre.I still thought that THG is better,but this movie is quite amazing to watch though.The story tells about a city in the future that divides their citizens into fractions according to each teenager personality and decision.There are five fractions;amity–>the kind,dauntless–>the brave,abnegation–>the selfless(the government),erudite–>the smarties,and candor–>the honest.Tris Prior who used to be in Abnegation,make a surprising decision.She chooses Dauntless and tries to become a part of that fraction.She trained hard by ‘the Dauntless’,she should pass the tests or she will be non fraction.Actually Tris(Shaillene Woodley) is a divergent.She doesn’t belong to any fractions.She doesn’t tell anyone about it cause the erudite try to kill the divergent.The erudite think that divergent people are dangerous for the systematic government,they also want to slaughter the Abnegation because they think they have more ability to manage the citizens.
Can Tris be a real dauntless?
Can she stop the cruelty of the erudite?

Find the answers by watch this superior movie!I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Fantastic Four-Episode 2

“Quick Elca!We’ll be late!!!”shouted Mrs Reggie from downstairs.Elca picked her little black bag and ran down the staircase.Mrs Reggie had been waiting in the living room for 30 minutes and that was a big problem.”What are you doing,eh?I’m dying to wait you here,the government officer told me not to come late.We will miss the train!”grumbled Mrs Reggie.”Sorry auntie,I want to be good looking in the government office.”Elca said as sweet as she could.The truth is Elca tried to have a shower as long as she could cause she hoped they will miss the train.She thought that her auntie is a bit stress or something this morning.”Oh my God,Oh my God,come on,don’t waste our time with chats and brags,let’s go,run for the train!”The following second Elca was pretty sure that her auntie is in a mental-disorder problem.Mrs Reggie held her niece’s arm and they fled together to the underground station.

The whole city was suddenly electrified with the ghastly news.A croud of people were standing beside the railway,sit on the floor,on the overloaded benches,and were bragging exitedly about the breaking news.The news about the death of the poor fantastic agent-Sacha.
“Hey,I should have passed on that road last night!You know I used that road almost everyday after the post office close!”said a woman voice.”Ohw,what a pity!You would have been famous if you can be an important witness in this suicide case!”cried another woman.
“This city isn’t safe enough!So many people get depressed then killed themselves!”a man voice.”Poor poor young woman!”cried a bystander.”I think this wasn’t suicide,this is murder!A perfectly planned murder!”a voice shouted.
“What?What?”from twenty voices,including Elca and her Auntie.The story about a man who visited Sacha’s apartment the twillight before ran.
“Train 2 Platform B !”the announcer’s voice from the speaker broke the crowd to sveral rows of people.The train stopped.The doors opened,the passengers got out,Aunt Reggie and Elca quickly jumped to the magnetic train and had seats.Within two minutes,the train had been full with any kind of people.The train ran with a lightning speed,stopped in the next platform.They walked along the 32 Main Street,finally they were standing before the great skyscraper with seven guard men on it’s gate.”Fantastic Four next agent test.”said Mrs Reggie with a professional act.The fierce looking guards opened the gate and let them entered the main lobby.
A red haired young woman with heart-shaped glasses was busy enough,managing the test participants.”Ohw,ohw,owh,dear you are in room 7!”she shouted to a girl with white frock.Aunt Reggie slipped to the woman’s desk and filled a form for Elca.Elca should have a test in room 7,the same as the girl with white frock which she saw before.The room wasn’t big,contained 20 pairs of chairs and desks only. Elca sit in the nook,she felt empty and stranger than that she felt that her life won’t be the same anymore after this.A woman with red tuxedo entered the room and distributed the test papers.”Do it honestly,may the odds stay with you.”she said with a slight smile.Elca stared at her peper blankly.Firs question;Mention 5 things that make you feel blessed you have ever born to this crazy world!
Elca rolled her eyeballs,she smiled and wrote down;
5)Feeling the fresh water runs on my dry throat

Second question;What will you do if you are dreaming that your friend’s apartment is in fire and you can do nothing?
Elca thought for a minute then answered;I will try to wake up from that nightmare then.Sometimes reality is better than dreams,at least they are truth.
She opened the next page and there was only a big words;FINISHED.
Elca was really confused and anxious,what’s the point of that kind of questions?She thought that she is supposed to do a super duper difficult intelligent questions,not as easy as the questions she had done!But what she couldn’t do nothing.She said to herself;”I don’t want to passed this test though?”Then she left the testing room and wait for the result with no hope and no interest at all.She fell asleep in an armchair soundly in the corridor.
So we will leave her there alone,sinking with her ‘not really nice’ dream about being an agent!
Wait for the other episode!
To be continue….
N.B:If you haven’t read the first episode click this link bellow

What Are You Reading This March?

The City of Bones and The City of ashes are on my reading list!!!

Reflections of a Book Addict

March has been an absolutely crazy hectic month for me. As such the amount of time I’ve been able to dedicate to reading has been quite short. It’s the 22nd of the month and I’ve only read 5 books!! I guess I should be happy that my total is 5 and not 0. With such a small amount of books completed this month, I’m being realistic with what else I plan to complete this month. On my list is Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare.


Attachments was Rowell’s first novel and is a true gem. After reading Eleanor & Park and Fangirl I was dying to read more. I’m literally on pins and needles awaiting her next novel Landline due out this July. City of Bones got bumped up my list after I saw The Mortal Instruments movie. I…

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