Fantastic Four

It started on that tranquil Saturday morning.The sun rose when Elca was reading her morning paper with Mrs Reggie Reus,just as usual.”Oh dear,come here and have a look on this article!”she shouted panicly.Elca bowed to see her newspaper.She pointed to a super big photo.She thought that it just an article about last night football match.Mrs Reggie is addicted to football very much.Her name actually is Reggina Colde,but she always asks to be called as Reggie Reus,adopted from her favourite football player’s nick name.Mrs Reggie is Elca’s aunty,her mother’s younger sister.Elca’s mum died when she was only three,so that Mrs Reggie adopted her.Mrs Reggie husband-Roger-disappeared mysteriously two years after she adopted Elca as a daughter.
That was the headline of the article.”Who?Sacha,eh!?”Elca also shouted.”Excellent!Howcome you always can predict before a catastrophy happen?”Mrs Reggie stared at her niece.”I take that as a compliment,but why?What happened to her?”Mrs Reggie gave her newspaper to Elca.Elca read it curiously.Sacha jumped from her flat’s balcony last night,around 20.00 pm.A passenger saw her corpse at 21.30 pm then called the police.Sacha Washington was one of the Fantastic Four’s member.Fantastic Four is the Rein Country’s national secret agency.Fantastic Four used to have four members,a voting is held every five years to choose the members.”So now there are only three members left.”Elca concluded.”The goverment is looking for the new member.Do you want to try?”asked Mrs Reggie.Elca stared to her aunt like she was suddenly became an imbisil.”Me?Join the fantastic four?”Elca giggled.”Yes!Why?What’s wrong?Come on I’ll phone the organization.And you,go and have a shower.The audition will start at eight this morning!”Mrs Reggie instructed with a strange vivacity in her tones.So that was the begining of Elca’s life changing adventures.
We will leave Elca here,frozen with her hand still holding a cup of coffee,since we have no further use for her at present.
To be continue…..
Wait for the other episode!