“In couple times of my life I often feel very miserable,hopeless,and this is tge worst thing-useless.My life is just a battle about want to be alone,but don’t want to be lonely.I often feel that there is nobody need me,nobody like to be around me,not like my integrity.Right now I feel like I want to cry,as loud as I can.I want to scream,play a really loud rock music.BUT-I can’t.
I just can stare.I take a book,open its pages but actually I don’t read it at all.I stare at the page blankly,my eyes are full of tears.
Everybody have a friend,or at least something to hold,I don’t.
Right now I wish I have never born.Really .”
“Pray.You still have Jesus Christ.”

I bite my tongue and hold my breath,I know that’s right.