A Journey to Remember

“Students we are going to have holidays for a week next week bacause the nine grade students will do the national exams.”that was the most fantastic sentences I have ever heard from Ms Margareth,my homeroom teacher.The class began to cheering happily.”Where are you going to go?”asked a friend of mine who callled Tumo.”I don’t know.”said I honestly.On the way home I didn’t stop think about what will I do during my super fun holidays next week.While I was thinking of these stuffs,suddenly my elder sister ruined my imagination.”Halooa?!Do you hear me ?”said she.”What?”My sister seem would be broken into pieces.”I said that Mum asked us to go visit Daddy out of town.”she said again .Reluctantly I replied happily,”Yippiiiiee!When?When?When?”-“NOW!”my sister made me shocked by her raised voice.I was surprised,of course.First because I hadn’t packed my suitcase,and second it was Friday.We ussualy visit Daddy on Sunday,but I was happy though.”Why should that fast?It’s Friday today,you remember?”asked I.My sister face became pale.She whispered,”Cause Mum is worrying about Dad.He have not answered the phones,voice messages,e-mail,or even short messages since last Monday.”The whisper tickled my ear.It was not strange I think.Dad ussualy not answer phones when he is still busy.I said nothing.I started to paint my nails with bottle of pink Hard Candy.I fell asleep not long after my thumb’s nail got dry.***

When I opened my eyes,I saw pine tree,pine tree,and pine trees everywhere.A dor of red sunset sank between the greyish cumulus clouds.”Layla,where are we?”asked I.My sister sat on the back of the steer with a really frustation face.I knew she always looks miserable but not as miserable as that time.She was panic,pale,a bit afraid I guessed.”Layla?”My sister drank a little water.”layla?”She still did not want to answer me.”LAYLA?!!!What happened?You should tell me or..”I scream.”Or what?”Hah,finally she answered.”Well I am not pretty sure what has happened.I am telling you that I forget the way to Dad’s house.I asked several people around Armado,I follow the way they had told to me.But I noticed that I was in the wrong path.The path is absolutely different from the one we usually use.Then the trees became closer one another,closer,closer,and here we are.I stared at her.”I think I know what happened.We are LOST in the pine woods,silly.”
We went through the woods,deeper,deeper,and deeper.The trees all looked the same.The stones,the bushes also seemed similar one another.We had been rotated inside the pine woods for hours when suddenly we heard a very loud bang from the other side of the woods.I went out of the car and climbed up a tree.From the top of that very high and huge tree,I could see better and clearly through the woods.I saw a small wooden house,quite far from the tree I was up climbing.A man with dark brown hair was outside the wooden house,was doing something that looks lie a biologycal experiment.Suddenly I realized that he was my father!I was very surprised so that I almost fall down.”Hey?What do you see from that place?”my Sister spoke loudly.”There is father there!”said I.
We rushed into the woods,until we were in front of the wooden house.My father nodded from his box he was working with and saw us with a very inexplicable expression.”Daddy!What are you doing here?Mum is very panic..!!!”cried us.”The right question is what are you both doing here?!”my Dad scream too.We told our unexpected journey to him then he also told us what really happened.My father decided to work inside the woods to do his experiment with bees,so that he couldn’t receive any phones or messages.
It is one of the most unforgettable journeys in my life.I always smile if I remember this story. : )


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