Emphaty-Sees the world with others’ eyes

I was sitting on my chair when my homeroom teacher asked me to clean up the white board.I stood and walk along the aisle between the chairs and desks unwillingly.I erased the math problems on the right white board,then the english vocabularies on the left white board,umm I should have told you before that every classroom in my school has four white board.One in the right,one in the left,and two others in the middle,they can be scroll up and down.I finished my duty.I went back to my seat.”Okay,now each student must find a partner to discuss about emphaty.”order my teacher with a heavy and frightening voice.Aihh,this is the thing I hate,looking for partners to discuss about anythings.I ussually can’t found a really suitable partner for having a discussion.I looked around the class.Vania,Virginia,Verren,Lexie,Claudia,Charina,Shabrina,Novita,Cherrly,
Sherrel,Gaia,Dave,Blue,Robi,argghhhh why they????It’s not mean that I hate my classmates,NO!I love them,but only in some specific things,and note this:I’m not suitable with them in discussion.I am different from they all.I think they just teenagers who only want to have fun,laughs,flirts,no serious thoughts or opinions.It needed an extra immense exortions to find a partner for me.”Hey,I want to be your partner,can I?”Gaia shouted from her seat to me.No,pelase no,please God,not Gaia.”Ahaha,Come on Gaia,set your table for the discussion session with Camilla.So Camilla,do you want to have a discussion session with Gaia?”asked my teacer.This is my weakness,I never says ‘No’ in situation like this cause I can’t think about the reason if my teacher ask’Why?’I answered yes then I went to Gaia table.Gaia is the prettiest lady in my class.Her hair is dark grey,wavy,shinny,and long.Her eyes are round and browny spotted,seems like two jewels in a paper white skin.Gaia is a simple minded girl behind her exotic beauty appearence.She always says,”I just wanna have fun” I’m telling you,her ideology is the opposite of mine.My principt is “Hard work leads you to success.”I am a diciplint and stubborn girl.I never says ‘No’ or ‘I cannot ‘,I always says,’I will try it’.I read about politics,environment,justice,economics,human rights,and many other heavy issues about our country.On the other hand,Gaia reads about K Pop,Lady Gaga,Katy Perry,celebrities gossip,Vogue,Elle,and many unimportant stuffs like that.We are different at all.My teacher gave each group a piece of carton with a big 9 number on it.I and Gaia wa sitting face to face,so I sat across her.”What number is it?”asked my teacher.”NINE!”said I and some other students.”No!It’s a SIX!!!!”protest the other students,included Gaia.”It’s nine from here!”I said stubbornly to Gaia.”It’s six here!!”screamed Gaia.Claudia and Shabrina also quarelled about this.The boys also did the same thing.”Be quite students!”shouted my teacher,broke the commotion.”What is the right answer?Nine or six?”The class began to uproar again.”Six!”-“Nine!”-“Nine”-SIX!-NINE!!! like that.My techer knocked a table.”Attention please.The answer is both are right,nine and six.”What?”said I.”Yes.Six and nine both are right.The different is depend on your point of view.You all always think on your own point of view,ignore the others’ point of view.Remember we are unique,we are not the same but we should unite.We should try to see with other people point of view,we should understand their feelings by placed ourselves in their position,now try to exchange your position with your partner.” explain my teacher.We did.I did and I saw the ‘6’,thet Gaia seen before.Everybody got silent.”That’s called emphaty,try to watch the world with your fellows’eyes.”My teacher ended the discussion session and we all studied one little important thing that day;Sees the world with the others’ eyes.


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