A Leopard can’t changes its spots

Stacia stare at the window.Her eyes are black,her hair is black,and her skin is also black.She has a younger sister called Stella.Stella has white skin,brown hair,and clear skyblue eyes.How can?Yeah,Stacia’s mother is an african american and her father is an englishman.Stacia looks like her mum and Stella looks like her dad.’What an unlucky me’,she always thinks like that.She is thirteen now and her frienda always laugh at the difference between she and Stella.Stella also laughes at Stacia although her parents always told her off because of this.”Good evening black angel,how was your day,eh?”Stacia heard a lovely voice of her little sister.”Don’t disturb me.”answered Stacia.Stacia turn and look at Stella.Stella is wearing pink blouse and blue jeans.Her hair is shining under the sunshine beautifully.Stacia stare to the window again.She sees the beautiful sunset from the bedroom window every evening.”You haven’t answered my question!How was your day?”Stella asked again,she wants to annoy her sister.”Not really bad.”Stacia said.”Ou,so your friends didn’t annoy you?”Stacia is used to be mad if Stella ask such kind of questions but now she is only smiling and said wisely,”They annoyed me,they laughed at my curly and horrible hair,they said that you was as pretty as liitle angel and I was as horrible as a witch,but I know a leopard can’t change its spots,I know I can’t change who I am.I know I am not pretty,I know I am not really clever like you my sis,but one thing you must know;I am proud to be myself.I love my curly black hair,it’s a special edition from God,I love my black skin cause it makes me different from others if we take a class photo,I love my black eyes cause God says He has given me precious black pearls,and I thank God for giving me this life.”Stella hug her sister and say,”You are right.I love you,although you aren’t pretty or clever,you are still my sista.”

You can’t change who you are but can change your way to see yourself.Be yourself!-Joanagw


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