A letter for You

I am a girl

I have big dreams

I don’t have many friends although I’m dreaming of it

I have a house but…

I want the real one

A house where I can go home

Where I can sleep soundly

Where I can feel a harmony

Where I can feel love

There are three questions I hate

What is love?

What is God?

And What is life?

What is my life purpose?

I don’t know

I stare on my computer

I feel lonely

I’m still thinking of this while I am typing these words

Suddenly I hear Your whispers

Deep in my heart

“You are not alone.”

“I’m here with you”

“You are alive here because I had chosen you”

“Use your life to glorified My Name.”

I asked “Who are You?”

And I hear the answer….

deep in my heart






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